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Why is it called the Womankind candle?

January 30, 2018

As the name kinda hints to it, this candle is tailored around women. This doesn’t mean men can’t burn it. It doesn’t mean they will turn into women if they breathe the aromas in. The candle was made selfishly, I wanted a candle that would help balance out my hormones.

Now the superstar here is of course Geranium. 

It balances hormones and helps to alleviate the symptoms of the menopause, I personally find it helpfull when I'm feeling off balance with PMS.

Geranium has a gorgeous earthy scent, it blends so well with floral & citrus scents.

Research has also shown that it can help to fight diseases such as Alzheimer's & Dementia.

It's basically a good all rounder.

One of my faves is Ylang ylang, now this oil is often dismissed as just a nice perfume.

It is indeed floral but don't be fooled, this oil helps with emotions and hormones. It supports emotional and spiritual balance.

It will lift your mood quietly and calmly.

This oil would also work so well on it's own in a lovely relaxing bath, maybe with some Epsom salts.

I have been known to inhale this oil straight from the bottle, but then I'm a little bit obsessed with this oil....

Sandalwood, now this oil is extracted through steam distillation of mature Sandalwood trees, the older the better.

Indian Sandalwood is considered the best.

In Hinduism this oil is considered holy and will be used in religious rituals.

It is offered to Hindu gods & godesses.

This oil has many medicial properties, it is used in many cosmetic products, as is is a great antiseptic.

However when it is diffused into the air it has a calming sedative effect, it's great to help an anxious mind that keeps racing, it also aids concentration.

I personally thought that this blend was a fabulous combination for when a girl needs a little bit of time out & reset.

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