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Spring cleaning your air.

April 17, 2018


If you use home scent in an aerosol, or a thingymagig that you plug into the wall....

This blog is for you.

But before you carry on ready please stop using these methods to make your home smell clean.

Your home will not be clean, it will be slowly doing you harm.

They might be convenient, they are also however super toxic.

The main ingredient that worries me in these is Phthalates.

If you are not aware of how disruptive these ingredients are then please take the time to google them.

They can mess with your hormones, cause symptoms similar to asthma.

There is also the worry that these airborn toxins can with long term use, increase your chances of developing cancer.








So with that in mind.

If you still want your environment to smell fresh, whilst also boosting your vitality & health.

Please read on.

Obviously this is where essential oils join us centre stage.

These extracts from nature are fabulous ways of scenting the home.

Also what's great about these methods is that you are actually going to benefit from aromatherapy just as a side effect.

By picking your own blends, you can customise and experiment.


Did you know, the best way to use essential oils therapeutically is to inhale them?


Now an obvious way to use a chosen oil or blend, would be to order a bespoke blend candle from yours trully.


However there are some other great ways to spring clean the air in your space.


My friend Charlotte @wildunicornsclub makes these great sprays.

She blends water with crystal dust and essential oils.

you can basically use this in a similar way to an aerosol scent spray, safe in the knowledge that no creatures in your space will be harmed using this method.

This is also obviously something you can make yourself & refil, thus also helping the environment by recycling.


Something I recently discovered was putting a few drops of essential oils in the water of your steam mop, this way you are actually cleaning the air as your house is being cleaned.


A super easy & low fi way is to just pour a mug of boiling water, add a few drops of essential oils... And basically you are gonna create a little halo of loveliness around you.


I hope this has inspired you to think outside the box when it comes to using essential oils.


Now I'm off to run a bath with a few drops of my favourite blend.

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